A Powerful Omnichannel Engine

Elad Commerce offers the full range of products and services required for a business to gain e-commerce presence: from simple to highly complex.

The creation of omniscient customer existence across platforms allows for a seamless integration between the virtual and the physical environments.

Elad Commerce Omnichannel gives you the ability to choose between a variety of solutions suitable for a wide range of segments like fashion, retail, travel, and grocery. We’ve utilized data from various sources to personalize the customer’s shopping experience, both in the virtual and physical worlds. Personalization through behavioral prediction increases revenue per customer strengthens brand awareness and increases customer engagement.

Our predictive engine connects between all channels and gives your business a better understanding of your brand’s needs in one dashboard.


Predictive Analytics and Personalization

Predictive lifecycle and retention

Focusing on customer engagement and seamless integration with social communities.

Better understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

Unify your data sources to enable you to improve customer experience.

Better understand your customers, and promote hottest opportunities.

All data collected as one entity

Product recommendations engine based on customer actions.

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