This case study describes the payment plugin Fisha created for BlueSnap – a payment gateway and global e-commerce solution company. BlueSnap needed a payment plugin for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform, which works on WordPress websites. BlueSnap provided Fisha with their requirements and Fisha designed the solution, supporting changes during the development process, and passing WordPress’ plugin approval process.


Setting up an end-to-end shop may be getting easier, but there are still steps along the way that often require programmers and developers to keep the different components connected. This is one of the main challenges that BlueSnap decided to tackle by commissioning an easy-to-install plug-in for WordPress WooCommerce merchants.

BlueSnap offers merchants the ability to take payments via an API integration, or by using their checkout hosted pages. API documentation is available on their website, and merchants with a development team can write their own code to customise their own checkout experience. 

The challenge was to offer every WooCommerce merchant the ability to install a simple, plug and play extension into the shopping cart of their online shop with minimal configuration on the merchant’s side; and then handle card payments automatically. That would open up the market to serve many more shops.

Beyond the basic challenge of developing a plug-and-play solution, the payment gateway market has a number of inherent challenges:

  • Integration of multiple software environments, all of which are changing constantly. The solution would have to be dynamic, up-to-date, and backward compatible.
  • Competing in this market requires functionality that is responsive to customers’ evolving needs. Innovative functionality is often added to the core WooCommerce functions through extensions. The solution would have to support external services in addition to the WooCommerce core services.
  • E-commerce is a global business. The solution would have to support localization in terms of offering local currency – not just for the purpose of displaying the exchange rate, but actually billing in the approved local currency.

The Solution

Fisha’s solution enables BlueSnap to seamlessly offer payment services with WordPress WooCommerce classical shopping carts. It meets all of WordPress’ requirements as well as their security guidelines. Emerchants provide customers with the:




BlueSnap securely collects the credit card information when the customer places the order, sends it for approval, and then either confirms or provides the credit card feedback message.

All the emerchant has to do is download the plug-in and set it up with minimal configuration requirements.


Without compromising on simplicity, BlueSnap’s plug-in supports external services including subscriptions, pre-orders, security, and fraud detection. Purchasing a subscription requires a recurring billing model. It allows customers to place the order once and then be billed on a regular basis. Fisha’s solution allowed BlueSnap to integrate with the external services that support subscriptions. Another third party extension the solution supports is to integrate with pre-order extensions, processing items that are out-of-stock or under development.

Many currency tools provide the exchange rate. Fisha’s Currency Switcher solution using BlueSnap exchange rates service, which is an integrated part of the WooCommerce plug-in, enables customers to actually pay in each of the BlueSnap-supported, merchant-selected currencies. This was implemented with a regular daily exchange-rate update. With Fisha’s plugin, the selected exchange rate is also the currency of the bill.

The solution supports error detection on both customer and manager levels. For the customer, user-friendly indications are provided in case of errors. On the manager level, store processes are logged and can be viewed and sorted from the admin panel.

The Result

BlueSnap has opened its target market to include WordPress WooCommerce merchants who can now download a plugin and benefit from BlueSnap’s feature-rich payment gateway. With Fisha’s solution, BlueSnap remains at the cutting edge and can benefit from the many extensions that keep them ahead of the competition.

Download the plugin.

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