Fisha enables Magento merchants to connect to the Zooz Payments Platform via an M1 eCommerce Extension.

Zooz is a technology company which provides a payments platform designed to help merchants optimize their payments performance. Whereas it has always been difficult for merchants to switch or add multiple payment providers and alternative payment methods, Zooz offers e-merchants the flexibility to seamlessly integrate multiple acquirers, fraud prevention technologies and third-party services.

Fisha created a Magento extension for Zooz which enables Magento merchants to connect to the Zooz payments platform, offering Magento merchants and their customers the benefits of working with Zooz, from connecting with multiple financial institutions to integrating acquirers, e-wallets and alternative payment methods seamlessly.

The extension created by Fisha enabled Magento merchants to optimize their payments results and reduce global decline rates and fraud impact. Before using the Zooz extention, Magento merchants’ and their customers were exposed to fraud risk. With Zooz’s advanced security measures such as risk assessment and data-driven fraud detection, their customers’ payments are safer. Fisha’s simple, standard and fully integrated extension makes this possible quickly and easily, even for beginner-level developers.

There were a number of unique challenges involved in developing a Magento extension for Zooz:

  • Maintaining Zooz’s simple, clear user experience
  • Integrating Zooz seamlessly into the Magento ecommerce site
  • Enabling all of Zooz’s advanced features, including iframe payment methods
  • Keeping Zooz and Magento apps in sync

Maintaining the simple, clear user experience

Fisha’s extension had the challenge of maintaining the simple, clear user experience that Zooz offers both to buyers and to developers. Zooz offers a white-labeled payment solution so buyers can enjoy seamless checkout without changing the look and feel of the merchant’s website. Notice the simple readability of the Zooz optimized checkout below.

Zooz’s merchants see dramatic increase in conversion rates. Fisha extends Zooz’s optimized user experience to Magento merchants and consumers.

Integrate seamlessly into the ecommerce site

Magento extensions are known for the simplicity of their integration. Fisha’s extension had to be equally seamless, allowing developers to integrate in a few, straightforward steps. Fisha’s solution involves the following standard, simple, and quick steps:

1. Sign up – 2. Install the plugin from Magento – 3. Configure it.

A simple form lets you configure the Zooz functionality including payment actions, geographic locations and languages, credit card and other payment types.

Preserve Access to all of Zooz’s Advanced Features

Fisha’s extension to the Zooz Payment Platform Extension for Magento ensures all of Zooz’s features are available and easy to use.


  • Secure iframe solution for accepting credit card payments
  • Client-side credit card encryption
  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliance

Convenient Payment / Credit Card Management

From either their Magento or Zooz accounts, customers can manage credit cards:

  • Customer credit card storage, removal and management
  • Processing payments – both deferred and immediate payment options are supported – authorizing and capturing order later with invoicing; authorizing and capturing order at the same time.
  • Capturing, sending and canceling orders, creating refunds, and invoicing
  • Refund and partial refund support from Magento
  • Accessible transaction details on the Zooz portal
  • Configuration available in your Magento admin interface
  • Customers can manage credit card information without storing it on their site. Instead it is stored on Zooz’s platform.

Iframe Payment Methodologies

Fisha’s solution supports both payment methodologies – PCI compliant iframe or regular forms. It offers functionality that uses iframe to ensure that the credit card information is taken from a secure server. A challenge with iframe payments involves having to load credit card information from a PCI compliant inline frame from Zooz’s server in order to avoid credit card information leakage, without the consumer experiencing anything different in the checkout– making it more user-friendly while protecting the credit card information in the store.

Integration with Zooz’s API payment system

Both Zooz and Magento are feature rich applications. Keeping the two systems in sync so users could work in either system and maintain an integral picture was an important factor.

ith Fisha’s solution, users can control the payment system from either platform. Any action done on the Zooz platform will be reflected on the Magenta site as well – and vice versa. Fisha’s solution maintains a two-way connection.

The Results

With the extension Fisha created for Zooz, Magento ecommerce stores can quickly and simply install the Zooz extension and offer their customers a secure, easy-to-use platform that increases conversation rates and offers security. Developers are happy with the solution and the quality of its code; merchants are happy with the savings, flexibility and security; and buyers are happy with the one-step purchasing solution.

Download Zooz extension from Magento Marketplace.

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