Magento and Fisha partner to Help Online Merchants in Israel Grow – GO eCommerce 2018.

Magento, the worldwide leader in cloud digital commerce innovation, along with Fisha, ecommerce innovation experts, and Magento Business Solution Partners, will be attending GO eCommerce in joint sponsorship. 

Taking place on July 25th in Tel Aviv, GO eCommerce brings together 1500 decision makers in eCommerce. Magento Commerce and Fisha will host a VIP Lounge at the event, to showcase a portfolio of OmniChannel solutions that empower merchants to successfully integrate digital and physical shopping experiences.

“Retailers today (in Israel and beyond) must be digitally smart, customer focused and adaptable to maintain success. The Osprey London story that we will tell at Go eCommerce explains how a heritage luxury brand can grow online sales while providing a VIP shopping experience, thanks to being smart with the eCommerce technology they put in place. I’m looking forward to meeting retailers with similar challenges and discussing how Magento and Fisha can support”. Sean McCarry, Sales Director, Magento Commerce

“Our unique lounge will provide a place for online retailers to ask questions and discuss their ecommerce challenges with the experts and peers” Arik Gil, Business Development Director at Fisha.

Osprey London, the world-renowned and independently owned luxury leather, lifestyle and retail company will be presenting their eCommerce story on stage. Ben Jones, Osprey London’s eComm Manager will share how the company has grown online, using Magento Commerce, while providing a personal shopping experience to its customers.

To apply as a VIP Lounge guest at GO eCommerce, please contact: [email protected] Please note that tickets are limited.

To join the Osprey London keynote session and the fascinating panel, Register by using FISHA-VIP coupon code discount:

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